Harbinger Logo

| HAR-BIN-GER (n) |

a: one that pioneers or initiates a major change

b: one that presages or forshadows things to come

Harbinger Coffee is dedicated to changing the way you think about coffee. Exotic, exquisite, and intoxicating; coffee in its purest form can be a life changing experience. Harbinger Coffee is dedicated to that experience and to showcasing some of the finest coffees from around the world from some fantastic roasters across America.

We feature a different coffee roaster each month. The coffees are carefully selected to be some of the best, most interesting roasted seeds we can find, from top notch roasters around the country. These are coffees that you truly cannot find anywhere else in Fort Collins. Each cup is brewed to order by your barista who strongly believes that great coffee should come with equally great service.

We serve our coffee with one goal in mind: for you to enjoy it. We do not offer cream and sugar with our coffee only because we want you see that great coffees can be palatable without any additions. If you really want cream or sugar, please bring some along and we will happily help you select a coffee which will be delicious with these additions.

Looking forward to changing the way you think about coffee, one cup at a time.


Jonathan S. Jarrow

2011 North Central Regional Brewers Cup Champion