Harbinger Logo

| HAR-BIN-GER (n) |

a: one that pioneers or initiates a major change

b: one that presages or forshadows things to come

Harbinger Coffee is dedicated to changing the way you think about coffee. Exotic, exquisite, and intoxicating; coffee can be a life changing experience. Harbinger Coffee is dedicated to that experience, and to showcasing some of the finest coffees from around the world.

While coffee is our primary focus, we dedicate the same amount of care and energy into other beverages including high quality teas, signature drinks, and even hot cocoa.

Outstanding beverages are only allowed to truly shine when paired with equally outstanding service. We aim to be the very best at all that we do, including our approach to hospitality.

We serve our drinks with one goal in mind: for you to enjoy them. Stop by, sit down, or hurry through; we'll make sure you have something to truly enjoy. Looking forward to serving you!


Jonathan S. Jarrow

2011 North Central Regional Brewers Cup Champion